Solid-Liquid Extraction Unit


Learning Objectives / Experiments:

  • Study of fundamental principles for solid-liquid extraction
  • Study of solid-liquid extraction as a batch or continuous process
  • Observing the process in Soxhlet extraction, overflow extraction and direct extraction
  • Study of solvent temperature influence on extraction process
  • Study of extraction method influence on process quality

Unit Components:

  • Glassy boiler and packed column for better observation
  • Steel condenser and cooler with glassy shell
  • Glassy preheater with cupric heater and temperature PID controller
  • Glassy solid storage with easy opening and closing feature
  • Glassy storage tank for distilled solvent, 5 liters
  • Steel line, fittings and valves
  • Heater power regulator
  • Temperature indicator with digital monitor
  • Aluminum profile casing


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  • ایمیل :
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